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Aussie Tradies And Ladies Barely Naked, Australia’s naughtiest social network. BNS Only Just.
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Mr BNS : I’m a bit of a lost cause its hard to keep up with everything. Still not a bad effort for one person’s efforts, and i wont forget about “bnsperthadmin” @IC He’s been helping out for a long time. So give me a few more months and this website will be back to its good old days .


  • ( Videos for catching traffic lame )
  • Website for the ladies to feature aussie tradies
  • Website for the people in the industry
  • Home Portal * Host gator didn’t back the old website up thats why we had to make a new website.  ( Old accounts will be merged soo and i learn how to do it. Im not a website developer but i try my best with anything i put my mind too. so give me a while please) 
  • selfies.barelynaked (This website)
  •  Videos of you
  • Snapchat Australia 18+ group on facebook
  • A directory of all top snapchat usernames
  • Hall of  Fame ( Hole and Pole )  For people who earn it back links to your website its not much but it does help i also embed the follow button so people can follow the people who are chosen to get freewebsites build on a subdomain.

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Free Credits


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